Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mat Meet with mattj

Yes finally I get to surf with another mat rider!
Matt Jessup sent me a txt a little while back to say he was planning to come down south to catch some waves. Last week I received a txt saying he was on his way down on the weekend so finally my lone mat rider syndrome was going to be temporarily redressed! Rapt barely describes my feeling and I could only cross my fingers and hope for conditions that might improve on the fairly poor ones we have had of late since a storm passed through and deluged our fair town.
Matt is from the Central Coast of NSW originally and has surfed all sorts of wave craft for more than 20 years. He had developed an interest in finless craft, and being a fan of Derek Hynd, he happened across Musica Surfica. He noticed that Warren Pfieffer was doing as well if not better than everybody else so he just had to get himself a surf mat.
Matt's quiver contains a Roundtail Tracker, a Blue Streak Standard and he also bought a beautiful looking Tom Wegener alaia with him too.
The alaia didn't get any wave time but we managed two sessions over the weekend on mats. The waves were not that flash but compared to what Matt has been served up with in Perth of late I think for him they were a dream come true. From what I could see he got heaps of take offs, cover ups and even some rides with a bit of length to them on the Blue Streak. We also had the pleasure of sharing a wave together which was a lot of fun and it was really such a buzz to have another mat rider in the pretty crowded line up. Overall I think Matt had a good time and having discovered he could also get a great coffee at Ravens has decided he will be back again soon. Fantastic and I hope we manage to serve you up some better waves next time.
So if you are out at Scarborough or Triggs in Perth and you see a guy on a mat or alaia it will probably be Matt so go say hi!

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