Thursday, June 28, 2012

Justin Spittle

Second off the rank after mattj in the who are you, where are you, why do you etc Aussie mat rider series is:

1. Justin Spittle.
2. Krypt MT5
3. The Bra in Sydney. 
4. Beach break and reef (when it works).
5. Normally surf (5,2 Simmons, 5,6 short board, I'm 6ft) and Paipo. Of late I hurt my back (14 weeks bad) so no stand up, so lots of bodysurfing bit of Paipo . Only been matting for 6 weeks.
7. No other mat riders, no other body surfers and no one on a Paipo. Four ski riders and a couple of longboards. Rest shortboards. Bodyboards not many, and not loved. 
8. The challenge, fun, speed and to get my back right. 
9. While on the mat it has alway been positive in the waves, even with crew that you wouldn't want to drop in on. How could any one get angry with a mat rider. Had some hoots and smiles after waves but.
10. Keep up the work on the blog it's looking great and about to hit Vanuatu in two weeks with the mat so will try a get a pic for ya.

Thanks for that great response and great images Justin. Looking forward to pics of and hearing how the Vanuatu trip went. I am particularly keen to hear from you younger guys that have taken up mat riding if you can spare a few minutes to answer these questions and tell us about yourself.

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