Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some people do care about us!

Or are they merely taking pity!
It is always a pleasure to get an email out of the blue from a fellow mat rider and especially an aussie of course.

"Hi Robin - little incident today you might enjoy hearing about. I came out from a small but fun surf early this morning at Yaroomba (QLD), propped my mat and fins against a fence in the crowded carpark and towelled off before jumping into my car and driving the few km home. 8 hrs later I thought, "I'll go for a paddle. Now where's my...$^&*#!!" Tore back to the beach and there they were, just where I'd left them. A guy I recognised from the morning's surf came by and said, "We've been keeping an eye on them for ya". After being the odd-one-out in the surf the past 5 years I felt like I'd been bestowed local status :-)"

Jon May

Now Jon is not just a mat rider but a musician as well and a fine one at that as he plays keyboards (A Nord thank you very much) with a band. Not just any band either but the hottest cover band on the Sunshine Coast  "The Remedy"!!!!!
I don't suppose you happen to have noticed anything a little unusual in the pic of the band by any chance?


  1. This one is too easy the SG is obviously out of tune!

  2. You should see him duck-walk in those UDTs B-D

  3. a little flat on the bottom E I'd say judging from the picture. Comes from all that string bending when playing the blues...

  4. Our website had a spike in visits after this post!