Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flyin' high and a matter I spy!

The wedge has found it's way in to my consciousness more than you would think it might of late. The 4th of April, saw me gain or is it lose another year of life. In response to this happy/unhappy event, dependent on your point of view, a most generous email from The Surf Network landed in my inbox.
"We heard it is your birthday. Do please download a video for free on us!"
Well, damned if I won't, so thank you very much chaps. I don't mind a little bodysurfing myself, so I chose Keith Malloy's "Come hell or high water" and, as I have heard from the many of you who have already seen it, a most inspiring movie it is too! All those guys and gals are great exponents of the art but Mark Cunningham's exposition of it is just sublime. It just makes you want to go straight out and catch some waves just wearing a pair of fins and speedos! (Yes I do have a pair of speedos!).
How cool would it be to have a surf spot designated surf mats only like Point Panic is for the bodysurfers in south side Hawaii?
Back to the Wedge though, what I want to know is what it feels like at the end of one of those Wedge rides when they all seem to get the shit smashed out of them in very shallow water? Not for me, but thanks guys as it is incredibly entertaining to watch. As is Chad's "Hey look you can go up at the Wedge too!" move, or does he have helium in his mat? Now that is an interesting idea! What a great image!
It is the Easter weekend here, as it probably is where you live too, and our little coastal town gets utterly overridden with tourists. City based fellow West Aussie mat rider Eric Tocock emailed me this week to say he would also be down here camping a few clicks up the road with a couple of his surf ski mates. So I have been keeping an eye out for him and yesterday, on my 2nd visit to OB for the day on the off chance there might be an inviting looking wave, I spotted a wetsuit clad figure with a huge pair of fins. Yep, it was he, with Roundtail Tracker in hand and UDTs on foot ready to hit the less than impressive and well populated peak. I managed to catch up with him before he went in to introduce myself and say I might join him. However, I had a cracker of a session the day before so it will have to be on another occasion over the weekend. I am fairly determined to finally get the opportunity to enjoy a mini mat meet and just might pop a GoPro on my new GoPro mount equipped Gath Hat for evidence purposes.

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