Saturday, July 16, 2011

The bar is breached!

The town where I live lies next to a massive inlet that feeds in to the river, the mouth of which you can see blocked by a substantial bar of sand. Depending on the amount of rain we receive each year the bar is breached to allow the inlet water to flush out to sea supposedly keeping this wonderful body of water healthy. If the height of the water does not reach a certain limit then the bar is not breached which is what occurred last year.
The bar is breached manually by a huge digger and there has been fierce controversy for many years whether it should be opened on the east or west side. Apparently it used to naturally open on the east side but for the last few years has been opened on the west side more to do with political than scientific reasons according to the 2007 minutes of the Wilson Inlet Management Committee. They also go on to say:

"From an aquaculture point of view, this year is a disaster that could well repeat itself if we take climatic changes into account. Deaths of both mussels and oysters lead to the conclusion that low marine exchange, coupled with last summer’s conditions, are clearly directly involved. These current conditions are therefore detrimental to the social, economic and environmental benefits that aquaculture could offer to Denmark." 

A local oyster/mussel farmer whose operation folded because of the deterioration has been campaigning for many years to get the inlet opened on the east side to rectify the situation. He has written a comprehensive report on the matter which is well worth reading if you are at all interested in a healthy coastline and of course being a wave rider you must be. 
Anyway, four years later back in 2011 and where did they open it? Well closer to the middle, but still a more westerly opening it has to be argued. Anyway, it is always quite an occasion with many people turning up to view the event which I have captured on video and posted below.

Here is the opening 3 hours later

Here it is two days later with a half a dozen punters already enjoying the quick little right going through. The water temperature will have plummeted so they will be getting cold pretty quickly.

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