Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Krypt MT5 revisited

As I am still without a Neumatic, long story, yes, yes, one day I might, I thought it was time to take my first generation MT5 out for a session as I have not ridden it for sometime. It is a smaller mat, like the 4GF Standard, so a wave with a bit of size and punch is a good thing. I mention Neumatic because the MT5 also has a thin deck and is a little less for giving to ride compared to the nylon canvas deck 4GFs and suits a rider with some degree of experience.
My previous experience with the mat indicated that the deck is a little slippery so I whacked a good coating of wax on it before I headed out. I have spent a fair bit of time on this mat in the past and after much experimentation had established how much inflation it required so I breathed my breath in to it until I could bend it to fairly stiff 90 degrees. Into the water I go, a little around the bay where there is a good size swell coming through, and the first thing I noticed is how it feels like a bigger mat than it actually is even though it is very close to a 4GF Standard in size. I think this is because of the very square corners particularly at the back.
Now I know you are saying well it looks bigger than the Standard in the image to the left so obviously it is going to feel bigger but check the next image out and you can only just see a corner of the MT5 sticking out from underneath the Standard on top of it.
The wax I have applied on the deck provides a near perfect balance between grip and manoeuvrability. I know Mark has improved level of grip on the the deck of the 2nd generation MT5 shown in the first image above.
I had forgotten what a slippery little mat the MT5 is to paddle around on as it just flies through   the water very easily and with the great support around
the hip area provided by those square rear corners results in a most pleasant waiting around for a wave experience.
Although the valve is a pain in the arse to get the air out of the mat at the end of the session it is excellent for adjusting the amount of air in the mat during the session without having to get off the mat to do so. Just blow in to it while you are lying on the mat or use the deflator attachment to let it out. It also addresses the accidental magic towel effect that often occurs on a 4GF when the plug gets knocked out and one finds oneself on an rapidly accelerating and deflating mat!
I have previously named the MT5 the Ferrari of the mat world and I still think this tag applies as it is super fast, has plenty of grip to hang in to the face and with the inbuilt rocker carves hard when required.
Now that I have a year of mat riding experience I am much more able to appreciate it and have to conclude that I really like it. If you have some mat riding experience and get the chance, do take an MT5 out for a session and see what you think. I know I'm gonna be taking mine out again when the waves have a bit of punch.


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  2. The MT5 is more like a subaru... Really fast,tight turns and fits in small spaces ... and from overseas!

    I really wish i could feel good about getting one.... or even riding one!.. im getting a twisted stomach just thinking about that shit again...

    Mark, Make it right bro! You might just make more $$ from us if you give the great guru a slice...

    oh and i dont know nuthin about anything.....

  3. Well Mateo it is the makers issue to sort out amongst themselves which they agree on. There is no sensible or logical reason why you should feel in any way so involved, when you are not at all, that you should not get one. My understanding is that there has been some quite large indirect contribution over the years but I defiantly remain neutral and refuse to get involved and will purchase, ride and talk about any mat I decide I would like to no matter the history!

  4. I really shouldnt involve myself, cuz i dont know any facts about the MATTER...
    In the beggining I was fully defending MT..met him and could not imagine any of the rumors were true... The truth was apparently too much for us... all voices were silenced, threats were made...

    WE NEED MORE THEN JUST ONE VIEW POINT... Its Why i like your blog Ramsnake.. We both say what we have to... Carry on.

  5. Hey Robin, I agree completely, when its hollow & fast the MT5 is my mat of choice. I've just had a fantastic 2weeks at Capbreton on the west coast of France & switched between the MT5 & 4GF standard, shoulder high to overhead most days & early morning glass, Magic! I'm a pom living in France & got back into the water on my 60th birthday after a 30year break, I ride kneeboards, always did, but I'm a matter now!!

  6. Good to hear from you Pete! Well that is 3 kneeboarders, apart from GG of course, being the one who paved the way, that have succumbed to mat riding! Interesting?

  7. never actually got my MT-5 wet, had that same feeling in my stomach so I sold it and got another Neumatic.
    I'm not sure about Dales situation but if he is out of the mat making game I'm going to stock up on a bunch of 4th gear blue streaks and just put them in storage as a mat insurance policy.

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  9. Been considering an XL Blue Streak myself!

  10. Id really like a Blue-streak XL 5thgearflyer..with vulkeem and blue LEDs under the front flap!

  11. Whats the news of Dale? I sent him an order for a Neumatic in January, I got the confirmation from him, then nothing. I know his health was not good. I have tried to contact him without success.

  12. Tough times for the old legend I hear..Much worse then just his health.... Havnt got my neumatic either , but im tempted to send him the $ for another one...just to help him out...

    That make it easy for me too... i could have him make a small wave model and something for the big stuff..

  13. Thanks guys, I'm sad to hear he's fallen on hard times. I do hope he can get clear, whatever his problems. The thought does come to me that "matters" seem to have the kind of fellowship that I found when I first started surfing in the mid 60's, & perhaps we all could help out in some small way?