Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The sweet spot!

Having done the splits on my longboard the day before and tweaked a upper thigh muscle (which was incredibly painful during the first part of last night), I was forced (Oh, twist my arm then!) to take my mat out in small conditions that I would not normally do so. 'Twas a beautiful day and I knew it would be fine just to be in the water so, even though my expectations were not high, out I went. Anyway in the end I manage to get the requisite 3 rides constituting a successful session. The last was notable as it was small but shapely and reformed a couple of times for a most satisfying ride. Reflecting on the session a little later, as I often do, I found myself a little in awe of the modern surf mat's incredible ability to find the best part of the wave to be in if left alone to do so. I have experienced this behaviour on bigger waves also when the mat seems to stall unexpectedly after the take off before charging off again having placed itself where it bloody well prefers thank you very much you incompetent rider you!

1 comment:

  1. The "Zen thing" about mats. Just let the thing go and it takes off like a shot! That wave looks really fun!