Monday, May 16, 2011

Buggared groin!

Yes, you read that correctly. I have been out of the water for awhile now with a groin strain arising from me attempting the semi splits recently whilst popping up on my improperly waxed longboard. That exact little muscle pictured to the left! Of course, at the time, you don't feel like anything nasty has happened, but later on that evening? Excruciating pain and a very sleepless night! Now I have had this strain before but this was definitely a more acute case as following a few days off and feeling like it had righted itself enough I entered the water again, on a mat this time, and though I had a stellar little session around the bay, clearly  did way too much because I had a similar pain filled experience that evening. So I have given it a little longer this time apart from some forays in to the garden to wheelbarrow quite some numbers of loads of wood to burn out a large stump that is hindering my beloved's master plan for our block!
Anyway, I am feeling 98% normal today so am just a few minutes away from heading off to the beach and throwing myself rapturously back into the ocean on a mat of some design. Wish me luck my friends!


  1. Home now and so far so good. I think I managed to get away without re-injuring myself. We will know later this evening!

  2. I empathise....5 days of burning off, raking & shovelling, as well as a gentle surf this morning and my back or ankle/foot has stood up quite well. Will be glad to get back to work tomorrow for a rest.

  3. It sounds like Ramsnake and MF are healing nicely. Don't overdo it, you two! Listen to your bodies, okay?