Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cutback and highline!

I had a wonderful session around the bay a couple of days ago in perfect autumn conditions that we can often enjoy at this time of year. I was sharing, with only a handful of others, the not very frequent, but when they came along, sometimes well shaped and handily sized rights. There was plenty of face to enjoy and I got so far ahead of the peak on one of them that I had to perform a sizeable cutback in order to get back to the peak and carry on. A little like GG in the pic but maybe not quite as fast but fun nevertheless. The final wave of the day was a long ride requiring a cruise up to the highline to make sure I negotiated a section before kicking hard a couple of times to get on to a couple of most enjoyable reforms for 100 metres or so. Fantastic fun and these sessions sustain one so well until the next opportunity arrives.

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