Tuesday, January 25, 2011

West Aussie Surf Mat Riders?

Where are you and who are you? I know of two of you out there now, one in Kelmscott and another in Margaret River, but there must be more of you.
I was dawdling around in the surf yesterday bemoaning the fact that the sets seem to have dropped off when a guy on a surf ski paddled up to me.
"Geez!" He said "I have seen you out here a few times"
"Yep" I replied "I am out here most days"
He then surprised me by saying "I have a mate who has three of those and he was telling me about a pic he had seen of someone on a mat at Ocean Beach"
Well, I think my face must have lit up like a christmas tree with interest.
"Are you the guy with blog?" He asked
"Indeed, I am" I replied. "Who is your mate and where is he."
I think he said "His name is Eric and he lives in Kelmscott and he has been known to ride a surf ski too"
"Tell him to contact me. My email address is on the blog"
Of course I have discovered that it isn't as I do not have the Profile gadget installed so I am supplying it here now.


So if you live in this wonderous state of ours and you own a surf mat please do contact me, if you wish, and let me know where you are, who you are, how you got into mat riding and what mat/mats you own!

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