Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4GF Standard

I have had a Standard for awhile now, since I got PG to send me one in case I was unable to repair the Fatty, but have not really had the chance to ride at as I knew that it would need a solid wave as it is the smallest of my 5 mats. Anyway, today it was off shore with quite a bit of swell which was mainly closing out top to bottom so I though that finally here was an opportunity to give the Standard another crack. Unfortunately, even for a mat, the conditions were not ridable so I kicked up to the point where the masses were assembled and I know there is a working bank. Normally, when it is busy I avoid it preferring to go it alone elsewhere but I am willing to mix it if I am on a mat as I can take off deeper then anybody. Although, there was plenty of swell getting in 100 metres further around the bay it was a real waiting game at the point. I think I got there as there was a bit of a lull and I ended up giving up and going back to the close outs for awhile in the hope that the filling tide would help. It didn't and I spied a couple of sets were actually coming through at the point so back I kicked again and waited and waited.
At last a set came and I was perfectly positioned on the take off spot and got a ripping little ride on the Standard coming across in front of a short boarder trying to take off outside of me and flying along the face over the top of his daughter's softop as she headed back out and on down the line dodging and weaving through the flotsam, sorry holiday visitors. Man, this little mat flies when it gets going and seems to find the best place to be on the wave with ease. Very impressed, I enthusiastically headed back out to the line up for the next ride. I and another guy were waiting out the back for the bigger waves and we both took off on the next one even though I was some way inside of him and possible too far in, but fortunately he pulled out for some reason and I was stunned at how easily the little Standard caught up with the wave and placed me perfectly in the spot again for another terrific ride. Impressive work again.
The final wave was just a gem and I was the only taker this time and scoring what must have been one of the most perfect mat rides I have experienced on a small peeler. It must have looked good from inside as I saw one of the local surf school instructors eyeballing me all the way.
I will definitely be choosing to ride the Standard a little more often in the future.


  1. Just when I thought the Tracker Square Tail was going to be my primary mat, I had a few sessions on my Standard. Now, I vacillate between the two as they are quite different. And, yes, the Standard is always a good choice.

  2. Thanks for the nice post, Rammy. It's always fun when yet another mat surfer "discovers" the 4GF Standard. It's a great mat, with over 25 years of pedigree!

    Two things will happpen as you get more time in on the Standard. One is you will get a better feel for it, and be able to ride it in somewhat smaller and weaker conditions. The other is that when you finally bottom out, size-wise, and pull out a smaller wave mat, your performance expectations and riding technique will have both been elevated by your time on the Standard, and the larger mat will really blossom in the smaller surf it was intended for.


  3. Yes PG it was very impressive and I look forward to getting it out there again today with a bit of luck. Just keep on learning more and more and realising there is more and more to learn. Wonderful!