Saturday, January 29, 2011

More 4GF Standard

I had another session on the Standard in bigger waves this time and had a terrific time. I got a particularly exciting left and right that both stood up quite vertically and I purposely held the highline and the Standard just hung in like glue and then a quick straighten up and it shot blindingly fast out of harms way in front of the breaking wave. Brilliant!
Interestingly, I was also able to get long rides all the way to the beach in front of the white water and seemed to be able to easily maintain the glide with judicious squeezing and shifting. A very versatile mat and an essential addition to your 4GF quiver if you don't have one yet. As PG says, 25 years of development does count for a lot!


  1. George Greenough on one of his Neumatics

  2. Ha, thanks Dale. I did wonder about that as it looked an earlyish period photo.