Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have the wallpaper on my 24" iMac set up to a folder of mat riding pics that changes every 30 minutes.
This morning I just happened to go to the desktop to be confronted by this classic shot of Pranaglider by Jason which looked all the more impressive blown up on my screen (Double click on it to get the full effect. Yeh, I know, I know! I need to clean up my desktop!).
So glad my working week is over and I start my 5 day weekend today with waveriding conditions looking good for most of them as now I am amped to get the Tracker out and go carve a little too!
Oh, and check this mat riding footage out!


  1. Nice! I have Severson's matting watercolour as my current wallpaper.

  2. Nice +2. I just noticed you have a link to the tab for Zepplin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" :-)

  3. Ha well spotted. Led Zeppelin - indisputably the greatest rock band of all-time! Got a student I think might like to learn that piece. I particularly love that Robert Plant's first utterance is a B as the guitar part is playing an A chord! Makes it pretty hard to confidently start singing the song if yo have ever tried it?