Monday, August 30, 2010

Most enjoyable!

I have been waveriding everyday for the last 3 days, including a 2nd session on one of those days. And..........? There is the possibility of another session today also if the swell has not come up as far as it has been predicted to do so.
I have been alternating between my newly acquired Warren Thompson longboard (10' of unadulterated bliss!), upon which yesterday I rode the biggest most perfect wave I have ever had the pleasure of on it so far, and my surf mats, riding both the Tracker Roundtail and the MT5 having decided it was time to give it another outing.
The MT5 is certainly a challenge in comparison to the canvas topped 4GFs. I haven't had it out for sometime and it does take me a half an hour or so to get it sorted.
I think part of this has quite a lot to do with the deck which seems quite slippery at first but after half an hour or so magically gets better and I was able to feel more secure and confident. I read on the UK forum that MT has mentioned that the deck gets grippier the more the mat is used and my experience seems to confirm that so I am going to make it my go to mat for the next little while to see if I can get it a little more run in so to speak.
As I am riding my 4GFs at soft inflations now, the other part of the difficulty is inflation level, so I spent a considerable amount of time experimenting from hard inflation all the way back through to a 180 degrees bend and finally settled on what I can only describe as a stiff 90 degrees! So it is now feeling a little less like a body board and more like a mat to ride which is terrific and of course an already quick mat now goes even quicker!
Michelle has lately attempted to describe the basically  indescribable!
I though I might have a crack at it also but from a mat riders point of view. But that will be another post on another day!

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