Wednesday, March 20, 2013

People are starting to notice and finally I replace the GoPro!

I really think that I am starting to make some solid headway with this mat riding lark. Of course, compared to a mat riding beast like Prana, I am still really only a baby, but I like to dream!
However, after nearly 3 years, suddenly, rather than being completely ignored, I am more readily getting approaches from others in the line up. This usually occurs some way in to a session after they have had the opportunity to observe the mat's performance. Clearly, the result is the opposite of what their initial notion might have been on first seeing me join them.  They will often remark on the speed or the uniqueness of what I am choosing to ride and want to know more about it.
I am starting to get a bit of a speel down now to try to encapsulate as quickly as possible for them the nature of the surf mat and why I and many others choose to ride one.
I will often start off by stating that in a very important area it is a more sophisticated water craft than most that are used. Now that takes them aback for a moment. Until I explain that, because I ride it partially inflated, the mat adjusts itself in realtime to fit whatever is happening on the surface of the wave and that is why it performs as it does. Often that explanation really seems to make sense to them, providing the opportunity to elaborate further. I then go on to state that I can choose to overide the mat's natural inclination by subtly or fairly vigorously altering the shape myself but more often than not the mat is best left alone to it's own devices.  Then the conversation usually moves on to where one can get a surf mat at which point I now direct people to ASMR. I tell them they can find out pretty well all they might want to know as well as get a good overview of the surf mat scene.
That early model GoPro 2 I lost round the bay never turned up although I live in hope that maybe one day it might.
In a couple of weeks time, I morph in to a gorgeously matured velvet smooth 60 year old vintage with a fine bouquet, heaps of fruity punch and great depth! Well, something like that. I know you may not be entirely convinced.
Anyway, I decided it was appropriate that I rewarded myself with a brand new almost state of the art HD Silver GoPro 3.
Backs away from the chorus of "Are you mad? A silver? Why didn't you get the black?"
"'Cos, although I am a geek when it comes to technology, I do try to buy what I think I might need rather than what I might want and for me the Silver meets the need."
Of course, the waves will be crap now that I have it but soon hopefully there will be a good day and I can get some footage. Michelle also wears a Gath Hat and if we happen to be surfing the same break she has agreed to swap Gath's and get some front of the wave footage too.
It is also timely as I am expecting MattJ and ET during Easter and hopefully the wave goddess Rosie will deliver and I can get some bonafide WA chapter SCUMM mat meet footage.
"What's that you ask?"
"Oh! WTF is Rosie the wave goddess all about?"
"Ah my friends patience. That will be a post for another day!"


  1. Bloody Rosie! She never comes up with the goods.

  2. Rosie Palm's? Way to go Robin and may we wish you a Happy 60th Birthday from your SCUMM brothers here in NSW!! Looking forward to seeing some GoprO mat action from the western australian chapter!!!!

  3. Ha ha. Hilarious but no nothing to do with Roei's palm!

  4. I am no beast! ;) Happy 60th that's awesome!