Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aussie Pipe!

Hey Robin

Hope all is well and you are getting the water, these are a few pics my mate Rob Slater took from last Sunday mornings surf at Wreck Bay...We originally started out on the other side of Jervis Bay but the wind was blowing it to crap so we came back here to Wrecky and the wind was slight cross shore about 4ft on the big sets....and nobody out! Been a long time since we have scored it with nobody and have seen way worst with about 20 guys sitting on it, so it was a treat to score it solo! There was no rights so Slats decided to plug some pics of me ...I started out over a Learners and hope to get one across to the Peak, but the swell was way east, so after a couple of take offs from Learners it was the Peak or nothing. Interesting is a word I would describe the take offs , no time really to set the rail, more just drop and go for it, with most of the waves out running, but had one smaller inside wave where I was able to pull my inside arm back beside me and would you know it...the rail locks in and holds it line perfect. It was a good learning curve and am now hanging for a good day from Learners to run some speed up and see if I can back door the Peak like I did with my kneeboard. 

Keep on Sliding



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