Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The mat riding artist!

I was checking Twitter out this morning and noticed this tweet from a guy named Ron Croci.
"A while back, I created this image of George Greenough, the great inventor of various surf craft and innovator". 
"Ok" I said to myself, "I have to have a look at that" Lo and behold Ron had painted the image of GG on a Converse Hodgman with camera gear that you can see heading this post. It is a 24" X 30" oil painting that is for sale for $400US plus shipping. If you are interested email Ron at
It just so happens that, amongst other craft, Ron rides an MT5 himself and that is why he had also painted this image of MT that you would have seen in the sidebar advertising the 2013 Tube of the Year Comp.
So who is Ron Croci? Well, Ron is an accomplished multi-media artist with 30 years of commercial and fine art experience. He continuously searches for new and different ways of expressing his love for the ocean. As a water sports enthusiasts, surfer and diver, his paintings and prints depict joyful scenes of woman in water sports, ocean landscapes and beachscapes.
Ron's artistic history began in the 1970's with a unique surrealistic style reflecting the tumultuous events of current society. As time progressed and after numerous showings in prominent galleries and museums throughout the United States, his artistic themes evolved into more landscapes and expressive figurative art.
Throughout the 1980's and 1990's, Ron's passion for bringing life to a canvas took on new and different forms, as he became a well-known illustrative artist in feature films, commercials, corporate and public murals and print illustrations.
At heart, Ron is first and foremost a fine artist, continuously perfecting his nationally-recognized vibrant figurative art and beachscape themes. He currently resides in Palos Verdes, California where he dedicates his full creative time producing luscious beachscapes and figurative art, as well as designing feature films for major motion picture studios. Ron's love for the ocean, vitality and water sports is clearly seen in all his rich and beautiful designs.
You can also keep up with what Ron is up to on Facebook.