Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Being the time of year it is, there have been very long waits for ridable sets as there is too much swell for the banks around the bay but not quite enough to make the point work consistently. So I have been in the habit of just sitting as patiently as an Aries is able to, which is not very, for those waves and let the groms and beginners take the scraps in between further on the inside. Anyway, a couple of days ago, a visitor on a plastic soft top board paddled out and hung around on the inside for awhile before joining myself and a local stand up, the most aptly named, Hughie. So a set wave comes, a big very juicy looking one, and Hughie and I exchange direction indications which I then communicate very clearly to the newcomer. "I am going left mate, I'm going left". Now remember, this is a guy who has recently joined the line up that have clearly been waiting for sometime out the back for the bigger waves. So I take off and, unbelievably, so does he trying to go right across me. So having avoided a dangerous collision with a hardish board inches from my face I rounded on him hard.
"Mate, I clearly called to you that I was going left! What the *^@# were you thinking?"
His reply "It's was a right and anyway you are just lying on a inflatable"

WTF!!!!!! Ok I am not ashamed to admit it but that really, really angry ugly guy in me came out. Oh my God did I give it to him and the whole beach heard every syllable and nuance of my condemnation!!!!!!!!!
What a bloody disrespectful +#^*wit!!!


  1. Wail all Tazzie Devil on him Robin!! :-D

  2. Go getum......pity I wasn't out there. Together we would have made the rest of his surf hell.