Saturday, January 19, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Krypt Surf Technology Surfmat Tube of the Year Award

It's On Again and it's Bigger and Better!!!
This year’s competition will run from the 19th January until the 15th of December 2013 and there are some great additional prizes on offer.

Krypt Surf Technology will again award the winning entry 2 x Krypt MT5 Surfmats.
1 x MT5 Surfmat for the rider and 1 x MT5 Surfmat for the photo/videographer. Here is last years winner Chad Stickney with his two new MT5s as he was both rider and photog.

In addition to this great prize, Krypt International, the Australian distributor for the Legendary Voit swim fins will match this prize with a pair of Duck Feet for the rider and the photographer of the winning entry.

The collective effort of all the entries in last years competition has not gone unnoticed and has attracted some other high profile sponsors.

The resurgence in popularity of the surfmat has caught the attention of the prestigious surf publication The Surfers Journal. Recently, they featured this fantastically artistic double page spread of Daniel Thomson surfing Lennox on the full moon on page 2 and 3, incredibly, of issue 21.6. The pic was taken by his mum Janet Planet.

The Surfers Journal have generously offered a years subscription for the winning entry!

But wait there's more!

Adventure brand Patagonia, who have been retailing the Krypt MT5 Surfmat through their global retail network, will also support the competition.
Patagonia have offered one of their top of the line ecco friendly R1 Steamers for the winning entry. A prize worth $500.

In addition to all these great prizes, the Ho'okupu Surf Shop in Byron Bay will donate a framed photograph of your choice from their outstanding collection.

So there you have it.  You and your photographer could win yourselves new surfmats and swim fins, a new steamer, a subscription to The Surfers Journal and a beautiful framed picture.

So with such great incentive, what are you waiting for? Grab your Go-Pro or a friendly photog and risk a flogging or two to get that great tube ride to enter in this year's competition.
And.............if you want to enter the competition but don't have a surfmat and fins, Krypt Surf Technology are offering a Krypt MT5 Surfmat and a new pair of Duck Feet swim fins for a special, special price of only $250 so as you can go hunting too!

To enter just send myself or Mark Thomson your best surfmat tube ride images whether on still photo or video. Don't forget to add the name of the photog as well if you used one.

Heres another look at Chad Stickney’s winning entry from last year