Saturday, January 26, 2013

SCUMM at "The Cove"

Hi Robin

Well that was another fun day starting out at 6 am at Waka’s place at Wandandian which thankfully survived the recent massive bushfires….

So off to flatties thru the fire blackened forest roads and when we arrived at “the cove” with no one out I “bolted” out. In hind sight, I  suppose I should of at least looked first as it was quite big and whoomping… but caution is not in the Da Bolt vocabulary. First wave in decent surf in months and after a nice take off and wall on my Parkes kneeboard I got flogged then wore 5 waves on the head… OH yeah this is fun at 6.30 am…
Adam paddles out on his MT5 spewing. Look at this I broke my flipper strap…OH boo hoo I say I just got flogged.
Hey why aren’t you on ya 4GF vespa he says?  …… in this size and with that rip running ..OH yeah I can see myself swimming back in VIA the boat ramp if I loose it…Come on ya big wuzza go and get ya mat..So got one all the way in, grabbed his Cannon camera and snapped some piccies.
Have you ever tried to catch decent sized waves in a rip hahaha, he  looked so funny going around in circles. I then grabbed the trusty Vespa roundtail and into the rip we go. Got a couple of OK ones from half way out and even a half cover up.
Still looking for our first entry in the tube of the year comp..dash it..nearly.

Back to Wakas place for another flipper down to cuddy shop for a cup of tea then into to “very interesting” big cross shore Sussex reef took us a while for us to convince ourselves we could do it on the mats, AH who cares out for another  crazy slide all on our own. So after 5 hours of fun waves we were shattered, getting old mate.

Seeya next time

Da Bolt

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