Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GSMRF change!

Accepting that forums are actually old hat in this day and age of social media, I have changed the emphasis and indeed the name of the Global Surf Mat Riders Forum. Instead of being a venue for discussion, which Facebook and Twitter etc probably provide a better environment for, I have rejigged it to be an information resource which is kinda how it has turned out anyway. So it is now known as the "Global Surf Mat Rider Resource"and it is designed to be a top of the mind, one stop shop for anything and everything to do with surf mats, their makers, riders and required paraphernalia! Of course you can still start a discussion, and the UDT is still up for grabs at the end of this year to those of you who have taken the time to indulge yourselves, but really I am inviting you to post information that you believe might be relevant or let me know if you think anything is missing and I will get something up.

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