Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm getting my head down........

........and my shoulders closer to the mat nowadays than I was when I first started mat riding as PG is so ably demonstrating in the pic.
The advantages of starting to habitually do this are many fold.
1. Just arm paddling around you can tell that the mat moves through the water more easily. I can paddle for hundreds of metres back around the bay far more easily than I ever could on a solid board especially if it is a little choppy!
2. The flatter postion of the body naturally inclines and assists one in getting the fins out of the wave and more easily drop the chin on to the deck to get that amazing boost of speed to get through a section or further out on the face so as you can perform that carving cutback you so love to do!
3. Adopting this position means I am starting to naturally rest the palms of my hands on the deck of the mat to just assist it to maintain it's form and instantly be able to squeeze and release as required!
I had a great session yesterday mainly because I had the point to myself as all the bloody terrorists have gone home, the kids were getting ready to go back to school today and it was onshore and a bit chunky and messy. You know those conditions a surf mat absolutely thrives in! The inlet has finally closed up and there is a very reasonable banking forming at the point now. I got a couple of very reasonable rights that, for the first time for awhile, allowed me to hold a high line which is always a good sign. I got into 4th gear briefly on one of them and, as usual when this occurs, I don't quite know how it happened and am happy to just let it remain that extra element of magic that shows itself occasionally when riding a surf mat!

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  1. Robin, sounds like it was a great day ... and good advice on staying low, too.