Thursday, June 9, 2011

In the further interest of Global Matting Relations (GMR)........

......and continuing the weird mat surfer fin thing, I used POD 2 fins when I first started riding mats as that is what I used with a booger. It was not long before I switched to a pair of UDTs and suddenly discovered what mat riding was really all about. Here is why..........

........big difference heh?
The Poms reckon that DaFins are the goods so I though I would give them a try.

Definitely a little bigger than the PODs but they still didn't quite cut it and here is why..........

...........still a big difference heh?


  1. Three asymmetrical fin photos in one day
    We have a trend!
    This could go viral!

  2. Dammit!! I can't wear UDTs. My feet are too small/narrow. Unfair!!

  3. Crikey, I have to check this blog to find out what my partner is up to in the early hours while I have a cold winter morning sleep-in. It's lucky I am seriously weird myself - but yes, you matters are mad hatters for sure. Mad-matters.

  4. Bummer Mary, but I reckon the Duck Feet are the next best thing and go right down to XS? short for - damn small! Looking to get a pair of those myself sometime soon.

  5. I've tried UDTs, duck feet, vipers and Da Fins. Everything before DaFins either chewed up my feet or felt like my ankles were going to explode. With DaFins I'm is fin heaven! For the waves i surf I'v had no problem with the power, just need a quicker kick than the UDTs and about the same power as the Ducks in my opinion.