Thursday, October 7, 2010

A new mat riding move?

Inspired by Prana at the Cottons Mat Meet, I have been practising a new move lately and have dubbed it "The Superman". There are two flying positions. The first as shown in the pic with both arms tucked into the sides and the second with both arms straight out in front of the rider.
I equate the feeling to the hang ten as practised by longboarders.
Anyone else discovered and/or named any other mat riding moves lately?


  1. Ramsnake - I call the position in your header photo "tickling the kitty" with my inside arm out to the side. The position above would be a "Full Modified Superman" and with both arms stretched out in front as the "Full Superman". I have been toying with trying the "Full Monty" but the weather is turning cold. Maybe next Spring...

  2. Well! We will all be interested to see you perform that!

  3. I have one called the 'chicken' which is where I decide I cannot negotiate a big closeout on the mat for fear of losing it and simply turn tail and wait for the explosion of white water. I wouldn't try this on my hard-board because I would probably break something.