Friday, October 22, 2010

I need a bigger swell.................. as I can get a session in on the new mat to test it's capability.
Ok, ok, I will admit that I have already been on the Standard in less than ideal conditions, but I was straight out of the water and breathing in to the Tracker Roundtail as the swell was just not arced up enough.
Interestingly, before I ventured out that day, I had laid the Standard on top of the Roundtail to compare deflated dimensions and there was remarkably little difference apart from the pulled in tail and a little length. But put a few breaths in and, My God, the Standard is definitely a smaller mat! I managed to get on to a couple of faces and got some feel of it's potential and I could tell that it was going to hold in well on a more critical wave. Most of the time however, I was getting caught behind that beautiful place that the right size mat for the conditions on the day puts us. Looking forward to trying the Standard again but I don't think it is going to happen too soon!

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