Thursday, May 20, 2010

So! How are you getting on with the surf mat?

Huumph! Well a little miffed that you happened to have asked so soon actually but....... reasonably well probably, and certainly not quite as badly as the image is portraying.
However, I did squeeze the corner of the mat so hard at one point during this afternoons trial that I pearled the mat and went straight over the front of it as it came to a very rapid halt.
I have been out twice now since my first report and the main thing I have realised is I just have to wait until there is a much better quality wave on offer to really get a better feel for it. It just seems so technical although it is ironic that I am aware that I also probably need to think and do less than I am.
Each time I take the mat out I am learning something new though and interestingly today, I managed to remember to get my fins out of the water and the mat took off in an unruly fashion which was rather a lot of fun as I got a bit of a drift happening and the mat seemed to come alive!
Michelle's commented as I came back out.
"You should have gone left!"
I said
"Well, tell the mat, as I was just along for the ride apparently!"
And God, you know I am pretty lie down surf fit as I often have a bodyboard out but, a session on the "Fatty" is particularly exhausting for some reason.
Anyway, next time I will be taking it out will be when there is a wave with a bit of punch and the prospect of a reasonably lengthy down the line ride.
I will be endeavouring to remember to:
  1. Get my fins out of the water
  2. Keep my elbows in
  3. Squeeze the outer corner to hang in
  4. Release the outer corner to drift
  5. Not do anything
  6. Use my hips to turn
  7. Concentrate on feeling what is happening
  8. Keep my body flat
  9. Squeeze.....
  10. Keep.....
  11. Get....
  12. Do........nothing!
  13. it really gonna take me 10 years to learn to ride this thing well George?


  1. Hilarious!! Watching you go down the wave out of control. I didn't have time to get out of the way, quite a fast little craft....but I figured, hey, it's just a blow up thing, won't hurt me a bit if we collide.

  2. Don't worry, this is the normal unlearning curve, we have all been there. Keep at it. In ten years you will be doing things you haven't even dreamed of.

  3. Mmmmm...have you got that long??