Saturday, December 14, 2013

Calling for last minute entries for the 2013 Krypt Surf Technology Surf Mat Tube Riding Competition

2012 Competition winner Chad Stickney's entry

Entries for this years Krypt Surf Technology Surf Mat Tube Riding Competition close on the 15th of December.
So far, 15 entries have been received and you can review them all here.
It is well worth getting an entry in as the winning rider and photographer/videographer will receive:

  1. 2 Series IV Krypt MT5 surf mats
  2. 2 pairs of Voit DuckFeet fins
  3. A year's subscription to The Surfers's Journal
  4. A Patagonia R1 Steamer
  5. A framed photograph of your choice from the Ho'okupu Surf Shop 

MT has decided that the way in which the competition is judged will be changed as last years turned into a bit of a social media bunfight although a worthy winner was decided ultimately.
So MT and myself will be judging the entries this year and will get a 3rd party involved if we cannot come to an agreement.
Apart from the winning entry being a great tube ride MT is keen that, whatever format is used, a single technically great image can be extracted.

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