Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And you thought George Greenough was passionate about surf mats!

Do put any preconceived notions you may have aside and take the time to watch this video. MT demonstrates his obvious passion for surf mats providing a great explanation of how and why his work the way they do along with some great practical mat riding tips! Thanks to Wet Sand Surf Shop for putting together the 3 separate videos which I have edited together in to a single video for your further edification. Another big thanks to Tremor Temchin for putting me on to this.


  1. Thanks for posting that!! It doesn't matter what mat you ride, you have to admit that man can ride a mat.

  2. Good stuff! Nice demo of how to duck dive etc. I always get a lot of questions about that. Someone needs to do a in the water demo. Thanks Ramsnake

  3. It is a FACT that George Greenough detests Mark Thompson, along with every other significant name in the sport. Don't you think its a bit disrespectful linking him with this? You have become the mouth piece for Carcass (George name for him) so you should do the decent thing and get photos and stuff relating to George off. You will probably just keep using the Greenough name anyway, same as Thompson does.

  4. Oh Neumatics-R-us, unbelievable? Go and get a life! I don't give a stuff who things what of who. I just post what I conclude other mat riders may find interesting about what is going on in the mat riding world. In the last few weeks it has been MT related mainly because he recently produced the best video of mat riding any of us have seen to date. There has not been much other excitement going on although I note PG has suddenly been digging in to the vaults and posting some very interesting things in response to what has been going on here I imagine. Mysteriously, none of my comments on PG posts have been approved of late. So petty. C'mon, grow up people. Your behaviour is so out of step with what it means to be a mat rider!

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  6. Seems to be a few highly strung mat riders with strong opinions. It's a pity because, i thought i left all that what sort of board you and who shaped it bullsh#t behind when i progressed to mat riding!! This is a very informative blog with good content as are all the other mat blogs.I don't think Robin should be written off for posting what he thinks, and are some interesting posts. IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU READ THATS YOUR PROBLEM. KEEP POLITICS OUT OF MATTING!!!

  7. I agree with Matador. Keep politics out of matting. That means dont do things like start articles about this bloke with a comparison to Greenough when you know full well that he would be angry as help about it.

    You have done it because you are stiring shit as you always do.

    Also, dont post this on the PGs blog when you know about the history.

    More shit stiring.

    You brought up PG on here. Yet more shit stiring.

    When greyman mare a three chamber mat you chuck in that it looks like a MT 5 when it is nothing like one.

    Even more shit stiring.

    The sad thing is you cant even admit what your doing. You try to act like some innocent but you just stir shit on behalf of Thompson.

    You keep calling him a mat maker. Show me a mat HE has made.

  8. I'd rather be left out of this thanks.


  9. damit my computer is so slow and wont fit the lesson to his movements oh well back to self taught beatings and my blog matters pics always love stopping by this blog stay wet and ride it floppy

  10. Unfortunately Thomson continues his self promotion, or should I say attempted plagiarism of George in this pathetic puffed up video.Thomson is nothing but an up start parasite, stopping at nothing.Note, Thomson ripped off Dale, and now falsely claims to be a ''mat designer''.Wrong. He is an exploiter and opportunist, trying to con as many as possible with his cheap imported pop out mats from Taiwan. He does not deserve this publicity, in his spreading of misinformation and down right lies.Check with others before publishing this rubbish..

    1. ablokeimet name is BOYD KEILNER 125 Brooklet Rd Newrybar Byron Bay
      ph 0266871739
      Another Dale Solomonson customer who never got his mats
      The Captain says.
      ARRR back in the day we would make this knucklehead walk the plank and keel haul him. See how long this loud mouth could hold his breath