Saturday, September 10, 2011

A pair of Duck Feet........

........the correct size have arrived but without any waves to try them out in buggar it. Also arriving were some more pics of MT doing his thing on a rather terrific looking wave and ending with a righteously satisfied smile. Incidentally, MT advises, in his own quaintly Australian way, that he has been thrashing the friggen guts out of that particular mat for nearly 18 months. This also included a trip stateside for a session at Cottons to test the mats suitability for international travel.


  1. hey RS,
    which site did u get the ducks from?


  2. I have a pair of medium (7-8) Duck Feet that are too small for me that I am keen to sell if you are interested. They cost me nearly $100 to get here so $75 including postage to you.

  3. thats sounds sweet!
    what size are u usually?
    I wear a size US7.5 or 8, my UDTs are medium and my DaFins are medium.
    Oh, and I have Vipers in a medium.
    looks like medium is pretty good for me!
    I'll email u.

  4. what size are your new ducks? The pair that actually fit.