Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Green waters, much improved banks and the DarkFin gloves prove their worth!

After my grizzle here, yesterday I paid my usual visit to the beach fully expecting to go home without a session. Incredibly the conditions looked most reasonable with the return of green water and a few punters around the bay. A quick txt to my beloved to tell her the good news and I was out there like a flash for the first time in 10 days. (A long time for me to be out of the water!) Well, to be honest, not wanting to negotiate the channel at the inlet, it took me a little while to get there as I hit the ocean this side of it and arm paddled my way across in front of the rivermouth and joined a father and son on stand up boards enjoying a very reasonable little right with a bit of speed to it somewhat akin to what Kendog is riding in the pic. As I waited around out the back I happened to notice that the depth of the channel had mediated enough that surfers returning to their cars were able to wade across it. So an hour or so later, after a few most satisfying rides and a steadily decreasing incidence of ridable waves, I made my way back in to shore, whipped off the UDTs, made my way back around the bay and waded across the channel to find my significant other enjoying nice little peelers on her own at the point.

I just wanted to provide some further more longterm feedback on the DarkFin gloves I have been using consistently now for sometime. I can report that they have done a great job of protecting my fingertips aswell as providing a bit of extra paddle power for the take off. After initially feeling like they were not providing quite the grip I was used to, I have become quite accustomed to them and have managed to hang on to the mat in some quite reasonably extreme situations having only lost my mat once. I got so trashed in that event that hanging on to the mat was just never going to be a possibility even if I had been glued to the bloody thing!


  1. River mouths take time to mature to groomed perfection. glad you go it good. The "rivermouth" I frequent (I am using quotes because the river is directed by concrete banks and is really more of a drainage / sewer mouth) had a lot of sand from last yesrs rains and I am still waiting for the bars to form.

  2. SOunds like a fun little session.... Rjs is getting there Prana.... check the pics on ksusa.org for the newport gathering!

  3. Do you end up with really white hands?